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Notes from a coach published an article from that provides some insightful information for tennis players and coaches alike. Click here to view the article. 

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'Tricks of the trade'

In this article Mark explains some of the nuances of tennis and provides some interesting insights on how players can save time and expedite their learning curve. is one of the industry leaders as they provide players, coaches and fans with relevant tennis news, informative articles and exciting multimedia. Read this informative article by simply clicking on the link above or the picture below.

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Australian Open Final- 'Food for Thought'

This year's women's open final proved to be one of the most memorable matchups in recent history with both players showcasing not only their physical capabilities but also their mental fortitude. First Strike Tennis was able to collect some significant data from this matchup that will provide you with insights in to what is actually happening on the match court as opposed to what we think is happening. 

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Tournament Update

Justin Herera reached the third round of the men's futures in Orange Park, FL this past weekend defeating Tetsuya Ota in the first round and Jody Turnquest in the second round. Justin is looking to continue his good form in the upcoming futures but as you can see all the traveling and matches take their toll!

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Nemchen downs #1 seed


Yelena Nemchen defeated the number 1 seed Anna Koval from Russia 6-3, 6-2 in the first round of the G3 ITF event in Astana. The win was a great win for Nemchen as she played well from start to finish and was able to beat a top 100 Junior ITF player in straight sets after coming from qualifying. Nemchen will get the day off on Tuesday before returning to action on Wednesday to compete against Jovana Knezevic from Cyprus.

Good Luck!

Tournament Time!

It is a busy time in South Florida with many players preparing for the Orange Bowl, Eddie Herr and the American Cup. These prestigious Junior tournaments provide players not only with an opportunity for some high level match play but an opportunity to springboard their career to the next level whether it be through a college scholarship or on the professional circuit.


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Read your way to success!

In this month's 'Tip' I wanted to offer some recommended readings for all tennis players who wish to gain a competitive advantage. I have compiled a list of 5 books below along with the author and a link to each books synopsis as I believe that taking the time to read just one or all of the books below will undoubtedly provide you with some fascinating insights.


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Florida Training

Take a look at Mark training aspiring professional players Diana Aguilar and Lauren Wich in the hot South Florida summer! Training in the heat of Florida provides an excellent opportunity to work on physical conditioning which will certainly provide an advantage over the competition!

Enjoy the pictures! 

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