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Corporate Day

A corporate day is designed for companies that would like to reward their employees with some fun, team-building exercises on the tennis court. During a corporate day, clients will be shown the fundamentals of tennis and put through a series of vigorous drills that will test co-ordination, discipline, cardio-vascular abilities, strength and power tests and tennis IQ. Using this setup is an ideal way for beginners/intermediate/advanced players to rapidly improve their tennis ability in a short period of time, whilst having fun.

The advantages to participating in organized functions such as this one are endless but most companies will notice in a dramatic improvement at work because of;

  • Improved morale
  • Team work
  • Improved energy levels
  • Enhanced problem solving skills
  • Improved organizational skills

Many professional sporting and business organizations use this method to enhance company production and efficiency by helping employees understand their importance and make each individual feel they are being recognized for their efforts.

'You always fight the hardest for the people you care about the most'

Peter Laviolette (NHL Coach)

Remember all lessons can be video-recorded for future reference. For more information about Mark please visit the About me section.


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