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Group Clinic

This is the perfect solution for people looking to learn tennis and have fun at the same time. Group Clinics are designed primarily for club players and teams that are looking for some new tools to enhance their level of play, both in singles and doubles. During a clinic the players will have any technical problems assessed and will learn some new strategical plays (singles and doubles) that can be immediately taken, and used, on the match court.

Research has proven that at all levels learning in a group has many advantages over private instruction, such as;

  • Observation and imitation of peers
  • Inter-peer feedback
  • Increased motivational levels
  • Encourages self-reliance

As a club player it is important to understand simple aspects of the game such as dimensions of a tennis court, match rules and how to handle adversity. During a group clinic players will have the opportunity to test their maximum heart rate and calculate their target heart rate so that they have a good indicator of how intensely they practiced. Players will be exposed to some necessary warm-up and cool down procedures, basic periodization, nutrition, and injury prevention techniques. All lessons can be video-recorded for future reference. For more information about Mark please visit the About me section.


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