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Private Lesson

Why do professional players have their own private coaches? The answer to this question is very simple; you. It is all about you, your tennis needs and what you need to improve. During a private lesson you will have the opportunity to specify problem areas that you would like to address, and you will receive a full written evaluation of the areas covered which can be used for future reference.

During a private lesson players can choose to work on a wide variety of areas, including, but not limited to; Technique/Biomechanics, Movement/Footwork, Strategy, Mental Game, Pattern play.

Each individual player should have a unique identity and below are 4 basic game styles that every player must be able to categorize themselves in, so that they can specifically target the necessary areas to focus on;

1. Serve and Volleyer (requires power and agility)

2. All-Court player (requires power and aerobic/anaerobic endurance)

3. Aggressive baseliner (requires strength and agility)

4. Counter-Puncher (requires speed, agility, aerobic/anaerobic endurance) 

Modern day tennis players are phenomenal athletes that are able to combine power, strength, speed and agility in a way that allow each individual to fulfill their potential. As the old saying goes 'when hell becomes your home everything else becomes easy'.  Remember all lessons can be video-recorded for future reference. For more information about Mark please visit the About me section.


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