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CAD analysis

_Lesson_-florian serve lesson_0001CAD analysis is perhaps one of the most revolutionary technologies to be used in tennis. This innovative program allows you to watch the best players in the World frame by frame (60FPS) while simultaneously watching yourself so that you can see the exact differences between your strokes and those of the champions.

Whether you are a professional player looking to gain an edge or a recreational player trying to establish a more effective serve then look no further than CAD! Each lesson is complete with audio so you will be guided through the video step by step and with each lesson you will receive;

  • A comprehensive written evaluation to accompany your video
  • Annotated video with 3 specific areas to improve
  • Detailed description on how to improve the areas identified

If you want to see the key differences between your strokes and the professional strokes then look no further. CAD analysis employs state-of-the-art technology with HD video so for the first time you can see the crucial differences between your technique and the World's best.

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