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Tennis Evaluation

DSCN2569During a tennis evaluation the player will be tested in all areas of the game, including, but not limited to; Technical, Strategical, Movement, Mental and Pattern play. A tennis player must understand and be comfortable in all 5 of the basic game situations;

1. Serving

2. Returning

3. Both players on the baseline

4. You at the net

5. Your opponent at the net 

After a tennis evaluation the player will be given a full written review of the material covered, and will be provided with an in-depth analysis. This analysis will offer suitable drills that can be performed alone or with a practice partner that will allow you to address the areas covered during the evaluation. This is an ideal package for somebody who is in the area for only a short time period and wishes to elevate their game, or who has reached a plateau in their game and is looking for a new perspective.

All lessons can be video-recorded for future reference. For more information about Mark please visit the About me section.


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