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Wimbledon Player Practice

Watch Rafael Nadal, Petra Kvitova, Sloane Stephens, Mackenzie Mcdonald, Kevin Anderson and Maria Sharapova all training at the Wimbledon 2018 championships on the last day before the tournament begins! Enjoy this unseen footage courtesy of First Strike Tennis!

The 'Grip'

A crucial aspect of a successful tennis swing is the grip. This is undeniable. The grip effects multiple mechanical aspects of a swing from the contact point and swing path all the way through to the stance and foot position. This terse video explains the reference points you MUST be aware of when placing your hand correctly on the grip for the forehand, serve and volley strokes.

Coaching: The Honest Truth

Check out our latest article on the prestigious New York Tennis Magazines site. This latest publication addresses a variety of issues relating to the player/coach relationship and offers readers some recommendations when attempting to optimize this often complex alliance.

Practice 'Hacks' Part 2

Click here to access the latest article from First Strike Tennis that appeared in U.K. Tennis. Practice 'Hacks' 1 was well received by the general tennis public and so Mark decided to reveal some more of his training secrets in this second installment of Practice 'Hacks' Part 2!


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