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'Talking Tennis' Episode 1

‘Talking tennis’ is a panel style chat show where 2 ‘in the trench coaches’ Tom Downs (AUS), Mark Gellard (GBR) and Marc Slama (FRA) cover all the current juicy happenings in the tennis world. This is not a history show. Nor a typical morning show. We don't hold back. "Let's have it" is our motto. We tackle prominent topics head on with the general tennis community and utilize a variety of segments to entertain and educate tennis enthusiasts.

This Podcast is available for download on the ITunes store or here.

Serve +1

Watch Justin Herrera show you how to use your serve, forehand and net game to dictate against your opponent.


The forehand and serve are the 2 most important and commonly hit shots in the professional game so ensuring that you spend enough time in practice addressing them is paramount to your success. Too often recreational players spend too much time focusing on their weaknesses rather than improving their strengths





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