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Are you the Ultimate Fighter

In the videos below you can watch Mark Gellard talking and working out with former professional MMA/UFC fighter Diego Visotzky who has been instrumental in British player James Ward's success


The secret to spin!

In the video above you can watch WTA professional player Melinda Czink training with Mark Gellard, whilst trying to work on improving knee bend in order to help drop the racket head below the ball and create more topspin.


Effective Warm-Up

In this video you can you learn some of the secrets that the professional players use to stay loose before their matches. Learn the techniques from some of the best athletes in the World such as Roger Federer, Diego Maradona, Sydney Crosby and Usain Bolt.


A lesson with Novak Djokovic

In the video above you can watch Professional ATP player Novak Djokovic being interviewed in Time magazine. In this video you will observe Novak Djokovic in action as he attempts to illustrate the proper tennis technique and the correct ways to use your kinetic chain. Enjoy!

'Rope Drill' with Melinda Czink

In the video above you can watch Mark Gellard training Professional WTA tour player Melinda Czink. In this video Mark and Melinda demonstrate how this 'Spanish style' drill should be performed and illustrate several of the great benefits associated with performing a drill like this.

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