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Nadal Pre-Hab training

Watch this video to help you improve your tennis perception skills with 3 simples drills!


In the video above you can observe Rafael Nadal participating in a gym workout that focuses primarily on pre-habilitation which is a form of training design to prevent injuries to athletes. The fantastic part about this video is that it is narrated by world renowned physiotherapist and personal friend Ian Barstow who has been working on the WTA tour for over ten years.

Roger Federer

Below you can watch a video of former World #1 Roger Federer training before his match at the 2011 U.S. Open. When watching this video I encourage you to pay attention to how relaxed Roger is during his pre-match warm-up and how he uses this time to not only warm-up his muscles but also to begin preparing his mind for the battle that lays ahead-'A true champion believes in themselves when no-one else does' - ancient Chinese proverb


Are you the Ultimate Fighter

In the videos below you can watch Mark Gellard talking and working out with former professional MMA/UFC fighter Diego Visotzky who has been instrumental in British player James Ward's success


The secret to spin!

In the video above you can watch WTA professional player Melinda Czink training with Mark Gellard, whilst trying to work on improving knee bend in order to help drop the racket head below the ball and create more topspin.


Effective Warm-Up

In this video you can you learn some of the secrets that the professional players use to stay loose before their matches. Learn the techniques from some of the best athletes in the World such as Roger Federer, Diego Maradona, Sydney Crosby and Usain Bolt.


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