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Creating Tennis Champions

I recently had the opportunity to observe Roger Federer working out in the gym at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, whilst I was working there with a WTA tour player. While I was observing some of his workout I was impressed with the tennis specificity of his exercises and how he integrated the ideas of complex training (shown in this video) in to his routine.

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WTA player workout


In this video you can watch Mark Gellard training professional WTA player Melinda Czink as she participates in a rigorous workout both in the gym and on court.

Mogul Step

In the videos below I have addressed an area of tennis that I believe to be critically important to high performance tennis players, the mogul step. This step is very useful for remaining strong and balanced when pulled away from the middle of the court and still allows you to remain offensive.

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On the left side above this text you can watch World #3 Andy Murray participating in his off-season training and testing. On the right you can watch a sample of a professional football combine that also uses similar testing methods to measure athletic performance. Testing is crucial for players of all ages and abilities because it helps identify physical areas that need improvement. Andy Murray is widely considered as one of the most physically improved athletes in the last 2 years and this is largely in part due to his coaching team and meticulous testing and training.

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