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The Dropshot

Players often consider themselves 'untalented', when in reality they have simply not efficiently practiced all of the necessary skill-sets that are required to successfully execute certain shots, such as the slice or drop-shot. This short video outlines 3 key 'feelings' that all players must be proficient in before they can expect to increase their repertoire.

What is the future of tennis?

In this informative article published by Mark illustrates some trends of the modern game as well as highlighting the importance of incorporating statistical analysis and data management in to training sessions. Tennisviewmag is one of the most popular online tennis syndications and has become an online leader through its content (simply click the link above or picture below to access the article).

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'Volley your way to success'

Check out Mark's article on that provides 3 simple but highly effective volley drills that can be used by any player in order to improve their forecourt skills (access the article by simply clicking on the picture below or the link above)


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